How to Stay Fit and Healthy During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We all know that the Coronavirus pandemic is a really big thing, and it’s super bad for everyone in the world. We have to do our duties to the world and stay inside to prevent the spreading of the virus. However, staying inside and losing your healthy physique goes hand in hand unless you put in the effort. You can, if you try to maintain your healthy lifestyle with a few modifications, even if you are forced to stay inside. And even if you aren’t in the healthy lifestyle you wish to be in, you can get there. And you don’t need a gym.

All of these stay at home orders are a perfect time to learn a new skill or improve yourself. You almost have all the time in the world to start training your body and eat better. If you start today, by the end of the quarantine you will achieve even your biggest goals. Here in this article we will be providing you with some advice on how to stay fit and healthy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Let me tell you, this is incredibly easy.

Workout At Home
Working out is the obvious solution to this problem. If you want to stay or become fit, you have to exercise. But some people don’t know why or how to start. The reason why is relatively obvious, but we will briefly go over it. Most people exercise to burn calories, therefore burn fat, or to grow muscles. Some people even want to do both! Increasing your heart rate and using your muscles is the only way to accomplish both of these goals respectively. But, how do you exercise?

Before you even begin, find yourself a nice big open room with no distractions. You will also want to wear clothing that is comfortable, for example Leggings or even a Matching set from Smoodh. However, these clothing shouldn’t constrict your movement, comfortable clothes are the best for exercising. Although you may have not thought about it, leggings are an excellent choice for workout attire. Leggings allow you to stretch and bend in every way possible, meaning they are great for complex exercise movements.

Now how do we work out? Well, this is a complicated subject as everyone does different exercises. We honestly recommend you to watch our workout video session below.

If for some reason you can’t do this, here is a basic workout plan that you can adjust based on your level or your desire. 

Begin with ten jumping jacks to get your heart rate up. Then you can transition this into pulse lunges, 10 on each side. Then try doing 10 squats. After that you can do 10 squat steps. Sumo squats are next! 10 times. You are doing great! Let's get on your mat for 10 glute bridges. Keep going, can you feel it burn? 10 glute bridges on 1 leg. Hold that bridge for a few seconds. 10 donkey kicks on each side. Fire hydrants, 10 times on each side. Leg raises, 10 on each side last but not least. Don't forget to stretch and hydrate after every workout! If you do this everyday or even every other day for a few minutes, you’ll stay healthy in this pandemic.

Do Yoga!
If exercising isn’t your cup of tea, yoga is a great alternative to keep a healthy body. There have been numerous studies that show the health benefits of yoga. Everything for lowering cholesterol, to encourage weight loss. Yoga can even lower the risk of a heart attack. I know when I sit down for a yoga session, I just feel healthier. The feeling of being healthy is huge as it actually helps you become healthier with your choices. If you believe it, you will become it.

We haven’t even mentioned that yoga makes you more happy! Yoga for me is more of a meditation session. If I ever feeling anxious, yoga is the first activity I do to help cool down. Plus, yoga helps make you fit since it makes you flexible. If you don’t think you can touch your toes, you can get to the point relatively quickly by doing yoga everyday.

So, how do you even begin doing yoga? We recommend you getting a nice quiet area in your house without any distractions. Put your phone away and turn off the television. That is all you need, but there are some things that will help you stay more comfortable. For example, you may look into getting a yoga mat. You don’t need a professional mat, but it will help you get in the mood. A pro tip for doing yoga is having a cup of water nearby. Although, yoga isn’t always the most intense activity, having a cup of water insures that you don’t have to stop and ruin the whole mood to pick up a glass of water.

We also recommend you to wear yoga pants. Even if you are a guy, yoga pants are amazing for doing yoga. You could have assumed that by the name, but I never do yoga without putting on yoga pants. No pants of any kind have the flexibility and comfort compared to yoga pants. If you don’t have a pair we can only recommend picking up a pair. 

Yoga is all about breathing. All you have to do is take a deep breath to your abdomen and hold it for a few seconds. Then you breathe all of the air out of the lungs. And of course you repeat this. This should help you stay relaxed, and is the foundation of all yoga. Although you may think you are being silly learning how to breathe, don’t stop. This is about you getting comfortable.

Now, that you are comfortable and know how to properly breathe, you can finally start doing some yoga. We recommend you to look up the poses below, since we can tell you what you should do in this article, but photos will help you significantly in your yoga journey. Here is a list of some poses you should start to learn.

Consider learning the downward dog, one legged downward dog, standing forward bend, the warrior pose, triangle pose, dancer pose, table top pose, cobra pose, bridge pose. Remember, yoga is all about relaxing and being comfortable! You may not be able to do all of these poses to begin with, or you can do more. Everyone’s body is a little different. There are a lot of complex poses out there, but like all things practice makes perfect. You too can stay healthy in these quarantine months we all are experiencing.

Yoga Poses & Asanas - Basic to Advanced - How to Stay Fit and Healthy During The Coronavirus Pandemic -

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