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The time when a legging was just a legging is far behind us. A new decade asks for a whole new gameplay. Nowadays we want to wear leggings in the gym that look good, perform well and we want to be able to wear them outside the gym as athleisure wear as well.

Smoodh has been one of the leading brands to take it to that next step. We have been in the fitness industry for years, we life and breath working out, eating healthy and we know how to live up to the demands of our clients.

Our Leggings come in many colors, cut-out designs, ombre designs and let’s not forget the solid black ones have been making a worldwide statement.

But what makes a good leggings?
Women around the world will all agree to the squat proof demand. Nothing is more embarrassing for a woman to be in full squat mode and having a -everybody can see my underwear experience.- Some women don’t mind a little bit of sheer but full cover is mostly a high demand.

Stretch is also high in demand, the leggings should feel good on the skin from the first moment you put it on. Stretch is a must for sports like yoga and fitness. It also makes a legging way more comfortable to wear, inside and outside the gym.

Sweat proof is something we at Smoodh hear all the time. We all know that sweating is normal when you workout. But most women feel like nothing is more embarrassing then sweat stains at the butt and front area. A lot of women choose the darker colours to avoid these problems, but having freedom in choosing a different color is so much better when the leggings are sweat proof.

High waisted leggings are not only comfortable but also a must when it comes to a lot of bending and turning. When leggings are not high waisted you can be sure to pull them up constantly after every set or yoga pose. Rolling down and pulling up are just annoying when you want to concentrate on your practice.

Material is very important when it comes to leggings, we want them to be breathable and soft but stay in place during our workouts. Flexibility, lightweight and practical are some of the demands we ask for our Smoodh leggings. The fabric should give you ultimate coverage. Panty lines and muffin tops be gone! What we want is a pleasant feel during a workout and during the day when we wear our leggings as athleisure wear. Smoodh like butter.

So, what is your favourite leggings out of the bunch on
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